Roof Cleaner QSE Removed Green Moss

Roof Cleaner QSE Product Review

4.5 out of 5 stars

We completed a roof cleaning job using your Roof cleaner QSE and it worked great!

Granted, the roof had about 1/2″ of moss on it and it took a couple passes to soak the moss, but in the end it worked!

Thanks for the amazing roof cleaning product!

Frank T from New YorkJan 2011

Roof Cleaning Season

During the fall and spring many homeowners ask about what season a roof can effectively be cleaned. “Can you clean your roof in the winter?”.

The answer is: YES, you can clean your roof in the winter if you live in Florida!

Roof Cleaning is driven by temperature more than season, so Floridians, prefer to clean their roof shingles in the winter because the temperatures are more reasonable for the homeowner who is doing DIY roof cleaning projects. (There is no technical reason not to clean a roof in 95 degree weather).

Roof Cleaning Temperature

For residents everywhere the real deciding factor is the Temperature. Roof Cleaning Products may vary on specific guidelines for use; however, the single consistent guideline is to only clean a roof when the temperature has been above freezing for over four hours.

The Roof Cleaning Temperature guidance is based on two factors: Continue reading

Roof Cleaning Removed Green Moss

Moss Roof Cleaner Product Review

4.9 out of 5 stars

I bought your Roof cleaner and Roof Armor. My workers were roof installers who had never used a roof cleaning product before.
I have a log house in the woods and my roof shingles were covered with green moss and algae. For me this was a shot in the dark and compared to replacing the roof it was worth a try.

The roof cleaner was totally amazing. My roof looks brand new. The roofers were very impressed also.
Thanks for the amazing quality roof cleaning product.

Barbara A from OhioAug 2009

Green roof stains found in Oregon and Washington.

During the fall a trip to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington revealed 30% of roofs stained by green algae, mold and moss.   These roof streaks confirmed that algae roof stains can be found from the Florida Keys to the other corner of the country, Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

In this region the pattern leans more toward moss, and green algae driven by the high degree of moisture and low amount of sunny days. Continue reading

Roof Stains really kill the look of homes across our communities

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Black streaks roof stains on roofs in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas

This summer driving through Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Arkansas nearly 60% of roofs were covered in black streaks and the tell-tale signs of roof mold and algae.
It has become increasingly more common to see these stains across the United States as roof mold and algae continue to spread North and West from the Atlantic and Gulf Coast areas where the stains were most prominent in the 1990s.

The tell-tale signs of roof algae (sometimes called roof mold) are: Continue reading